All About Tummy Twisters: Exercises, Uses, and Risks

What Is A Tummy Twister Board? 

A tummy twist board is a round plate-like platform which rotates 360 degrees on which you stand and twist your body and perform various movements. Tummy twisters (also called twist boards) are commonly seen at gyms. You can also purchase one to use at home.

How Does It Help? 

A twist board is very good equipment that helps you in building your core muscles and also to maintain balance. You can use this on a daily basis by starting basic workouts slowly and as your body gets used to this twist board, you can make the workouts complex.

Twisting exercises are a decent addition to the range of ab exercises that you could be already doing for your stomach. It's also a good machine to extend muscle mass and movement abilities. The simple twisting action can have a robust affect on your abs. Tummy twisters may be employed by anyone who wants to lose some extra pounds from the abs.

Can You Get Trimmer with Twist Boards?

Twists boards are a kind of at-home tummy twister exercise equipment that you just stand and pivot on. They come in different round shapes and are curved on the underside. They're also noted as balance or wobble boards. It’s a reasonable exercise tool that gained popularity since a version of it called the Simply Fit Board came out.” Twist boards will be fun and a decent sort of exercise for a few, but might not be right for everybody. We’ll cover what they are doing, the way to exercise with them, and also the potential risks related to their use. Twist board benefits your entire core or midsection.

People also use twist boards to burn calories. Twist boards can work on your core strength Twist boards strengthen your core so that you can avoid muscle injuries. A powerful core is additionally important for physical strength and balance. It can help wear away fat around your midsection which will translate into a flatter stomach, tighter hips, and a smaller waist.

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Uses Of Twist Board Or Tummy Twister

As with any aerobic workout, start with a warmup and integrate a cool-down period with a variety of tummy twister exercises. 

Getting Ready

A certain amount of balance is required to maintain your position and stay on a twist board. Ensure that you’re ready for this type of exercise by doing the following: 

Test your balance: When you are ready to stand on one leg,  with your eyes closed for half a second to a second without wobbling, you’re probably ready to try a twist board.

Use a spotter: Even with good balance, it’s better to have someone around the first time you use it on a stable surface. It’s possible for the board travel with you thereon, so make sure the surface you’re on is even.

Use a wall: Exercise near a wall or something stable you can easily a hand on if you feel like you’re losing your balance. Twist your torso back and forth, swinging your arms correctly.

Build up speed as you go: Once you get the hang of it, you'll probably want to deepen the depth of your squatting to work out your upper thighs. You will be ready to also eventually build up to doing squats.

Standing up

1.Place one foot firmly on one side of the board until you're feeling steady.

2. Place your second foot on the opposite side of the board.

3. Slowly rock from side to side. 


1. Twist at your torso back and forth, swinging your arms both ways.

2. Build up speed as you go.

3. Try adding handheld weights to your workout once you're feeling confident on the twist board.

4. Once you get the hang of it, you will wish to deepen the depth of your squat to figure out your upper thighs. you'll be able to also eventually build up to doing squats. 

Tips While Performing Tummy Twister Exercises

Experiment with foot placement: The way you stand can affect your ability to balance.

Experiment with arm placement: This could also facilitate your balance more effectively.

Start rocking slowly from side to side: This can help to acclimate you to the board. Keep your knees slightly bent to avoid injury. This could facilitate your body’s response to the movement of the board.

Tighten your core muscles to stay them engaged: This can help provide stability and balance.

Challenges And Risks Associated With A Twist Board 

If you’re undecided whether this type of tummy twister exercise is for you, refer to a doctor, physiotherapist, or a fitness coach before trying it. 

Following are a number of the potential risks: 

1. Overuse of the twist board may lead to a lower back injury.

2. Twisting at the knees may lead to a strain or during a meniscus tear.

3.Falls are possible with twist boards. Ensure to twist at an appropriate pace for you and to own something nearby you'll be able to brace yourself against if necessary.

4. If you've got a condition that causes dizziness, the twist board might not be right for you.

5. People with poor blood circulation or who are liable to sudden drops in vital signs shouldn’t use a twist board without a doctor’s approval.

Keep it fun and challenging Twist boards are fun to use but may eventually become boring, especially if it’s the sole style of exercise you are doing.